Internships: Start to Finish

1. Questions to consider when planning for an intern:

  1. What am I looking for in an intern? How can an intern contribute to my organization?

i. Consider engaging an international student intern

  1. What does my organization have to offer the intern (e.g. pay/stipend, training sessions, letter of reference, etc.)?
    i. How do I know if I should pay my interns?

Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

QUIZ: Do I have to comply with FLSA?

  1. What are the intern's responsibilities? Do these responsibilities fit the intern's learning goals?
  2. How will I provide feedback to the intern (e.g. regular meeting time; mid-semester and final evaluations)?
  3. How can I serve as a mentor to the intern?
  4. Please reference the Site Supervisor Handbook for more information or Laura Hammond.

2. Create a Job Description including:

  1. Name and address for your organization
  2. Brief description of your organization
  3. Position title for the internship. See here for a description of high quality internships
  4. Description of the internship responsibilities
  5. Qualifications required or desired, including majors if you wish to specify
  6. Estimate of the hours per week available (note that CSB/SJU students typically intern from 10 - 20 hours per week during the semester; summer internships may be part-time or full-time.)
  7. Term of the internship - fall or spring semester, summer, year-round
  8. Application requirements - for example a resume, a cover letter, a portfolio
  9. Name of the person students should contact [an email address is required in order to post the opportunity]
  10. Method of application - by email or U.S. mail
  11. You may also indicate whether the internship is unpaid or paid through an hourly wage, stipend, mileage reimbursement, or benefits.

3. Post your internship in Handshake

Click here for step-by-step instructions. You may also send your position description to [email protected] and we will post this on your behalf.

4. Consider other ways of connecting with CSB/SJU students (See here for more information)

a. Information tables

b. Information sessions

c. Career EXPO

d. Fairs

e. Social media

f. On-campus recruiting

5. Gather applications, interview, and make selections/offers

  1. Consider utilizing XPD's resources as you select and hire interns
  2. Connections XPO or On-Campus Interviewing

6. Provide the intern with an orientation and introduction to your organization as well as training. Items you may include:

  1. Organization background and history
  2. Expectations for attendance, dress, behavior, communication, procedures, organization culture, etc.
  3. Professional development opportunities such as workshops, lectures/seminars, conferences, meetings, etc.
  4. Position-specific training and skill development (e.g. written and non-written communication, research, leadership, computer skills, etc.)

7. Requirements of mentoring and supervising an intern

The Role of the Site Supervisor

You will be asked to view and sign off on your intern's CSB/SJU Academic Internship Learning Contract.
i. You will receive an email from Internships Program containing a link that will allow you to view the contract (click here to see a sample email)
ii. Once you have opened the link, you may view and approve the contract (click here to see sample contract)

  1. Provide on-going mentorship and supervision of intern that will involve regularly scheduled meeting times or being available for questions and informal conversations.
  2. Complete a series of evaluations throughout the internship period.