Community Kitchen seeks to integrate the campus and community to increase access to high quality and nutritious food through a multifaceted, innovative approach to alleviating food insecurity within Stearns county. Our meal-delivery program utilizes surplus food on campus and in the community as a catalyst for education, collaboration, and community action

Roots of CSB Community Kitchen

Certain parties within CSB, including the Office for Experience & Professional Development and the Office of Sustainability, spent multiple years researching models of  campus food recovery programs, including The Campus Kitchens Project and specifically Augsburg's Campus Kitchen Augsburg's model encompasses a free food program, the community garden, the farmer's market, and food justice simulations, and its mentorship has been instrumental in the implementaion of CSB Community Kitchen.

CSB Community Kitchen currently partners with Bel Clare Estates, Promise Neighborhood, and the Dream Center to provide congregate meals three times a week.  The CSB Community Kitchen strives to maintain a community-based focus through providing programs within the surrounding area.  We work with these partners in order to provide access to warm and healthy meals to those facing food insecurity.  Through these programs, we are able to build connections with those in our local community.


Community Kitchen envisions a mutually beneficial campus-community partnership that educates and empowers us to transform the current food system and mindset into one which comprehensively supports and nourishes our community.


  • Community Engagement 
  • Community Living 
  • Dignity of Work 
  • Respect for Persons 
  • Stewardship 
  • Sustainability


  • Distribute high-quality, nutritious food 
  • Increase wrap-around services such as financial literacy, sustainability, & nutrition education 
  • Bridge services to increase accessibility, especially in areas lacking transportation resources 
  • Reduce food waste on campus and in the community
  • Advocate for local and national hunger relief programs 
  • Provide leadership and experiential opportunities for students 
  • Support sustainable and environmentally responsible programs and development