Careeropoly-CSB Survey

Please take just a few minutes to evaluate Careeropoly so that Career Services can continue to make improvements based on student feedback.

What academic year did you start at CSB?

How many times did you visit the Career Services/Career Center during fall semester?
How many times did you visit Career Services/Career Center during spring semester?
How many visits during spring semester were related to Careeropoly?
How did you hear about Careeropoly?
Why did you choose to play Careeropoly? (choose all that apply)
If you picked up a Careeropoly board but did not actively play, why not?
What skills/knowledge did you learn or improve by playing Careeropoly? (Check all that apply)
As part of Careeropoly which career events did you attend? (Check as many that apply)
Rate the helpfulness of ONLY the career events you attended:
Not Helpful
Somewhat Helpful
Very Helpful
Resume Workshop
Exploring Careers: Information Interviews
Working with Asia
Careers in Accounting & Finance
Summer Job Search
Are You LinkedIn?
Approximately how many Careeropoly pieces did you earn?
How many prizes did you win?
If Careeropoly is offered again, would you play?