Career Assistant Job Description/Application

An Experience & Professional Development (XPD) Career Assistant provides direct service to students and alumni needing assistance in career research and exploration. Training is provided to give the Career Assistant a strong foundation in helping skills, programming skills and career research strategies.  A work award is required for these positions.  Employment will include work at both CSB and SJU Centers.

We are currently seeking applicants for Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Career Assistants.  Complete the Career Assistant Application Form, print and submit along with your resume to XPD Resource Center,  Mary Hall 25, SJU.

Applications will be accepted until positions are filled.

View Resume Samples | View On-Line Resume Workshop (approx. 8 minutes)


  1. Participate in the August 2-day training and on-going training throughout the year. This training is usually scheduled for an hour, approximately once a week.
  2. Assist students in finding appropriate information and resources related to their major/career decision-making.
  3. Educate students about and assist them with using XPD resources. 
  4. Assist in marketing XPD programs and events through residence hall programming, tabling, and creation of promotional materials.
  5. Participate in the assessment and evaluation of XPD programs.
  6. Assist XPD staff in implementing various career programs/events.
  7.  Learn about and utilize Handshake to assist other students with this resource.
  8. Work individually or as part of a group to initiate, develop, plan, and coordinate various projects related to events/topics such as:
  •   Career Exploration Series
  •   Connections XPO
  •   Workshops on career related topics (e.g. Internship/Job Search Strategies, LinkedIn, Major/Career Decision Making,
      Thinking about Graduate School)
  •   Conduct resume/cover letter critiques, practice interviews, and provide feedback to students
  •   Fairs/Info Sessions (meet and greet alums and employers, assist students)
  •   Maintain and update information in the XPD Center and on the XPD homepage
  •   Develop and conduct residence hall programs


  1. Enjoyment of and ability to work with people; good interpersonal skills
  2. Willingness to learn new information
  3. Strong communication (written and verbal) skills
  4. Attention to detail and accuracy/planning and organization
  5. Self-motivation and initiative; ability to carry through on projects with minimal supervision
  6. Technology skills: website management, word processing, database programs
  7. Strong customer service skills
  8. Willingness to work independently and as part of a team


  1. Must be able to work approximately 2-hour shifts every day or every other day.
  2. Must be able to work some late afternoon shifts and evenings for programming.
  3. Must attend the August and weekly training sessions.