Career Services Survey of CSB/SJU Chinese Students

1. Campus
2. Class

5. During the CSB/SJU Admissions process, were you told about Career Services?

8. After being at CSB/SJU, has your thinking about Career Services changed?

10. How many times have you used Career Services?
11. If you've never visited, why have you not used Career Services?

13. Which of these resources have you used and how often have you used them?
1 to 2
3 to 4
5 or more
CSB/SJU Career Website
Resume Resources (critique)
Cover Letter Resources (critique)
Interview Resources/Practice Interview/Interview Stream
On-Campus Interview
Career Exploration Series (alumni panels)
Career Program/Workshop (other than CES)
Career Fairs
Graduate School Resources
CANE (Alum) Files
Resource Center materials (books on major/career, handouts)
14. Please answer “yes” or “no” to the following steps in the career process that you have done:
Selected a major
Researched careers that fit your major(s), interests, and goals
Created a professional resume (critiqued by Career Services)
Learned to write a cover letter (critiqued by Career Services)
Worked on interviewing skills (practice interview, Interview Stream)
Became involved in clubs/organizations (on or off campus) since coming to CSB/SJU
Had a job during the school year or during summer
Developed professional contacts (other than your parents)/Networked
Used E-link (store resumes & letters; research companies; apply to positions; view the career calendar)
Attended a job/internship fair
Researched and applied for graduate school
Applied for an internship or full-time job

16. How do you hear about career events?

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