Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

When should my student begin using the XPD Office?

It is never too early (or too late!) for students to begin using the resources we offer. Encourage your student to check out our 4-year checklist today. 

What resources are provided to students who are choosing a major?

Our Career Coaches can meet individually with students to go over options for making this decision.  We educate students to let them know that an academic major is not the only predictor of career choice. Review our Exploring Majors & Careers website for more information.

How does my student find internship opportunities?

Our students complete a variety of paid and unpaid internships for credit and experience.  Internships can take over the summer or during semesters. Students seek local, national and international internships within organizations of all sizes, industries, and types. We provide listings of current and past internship opportunities for students online and on Handshake (our online career tool). 

What resources does XPD provide for students considering graduate school?

Our Career Coaches can meet individually with students to explore graduate school options. XPD - Experience and Professional Development provides  information online regarding researching graduate programs, entrance exams, and the application process. 

What resources are available for my student who is graduating this year?

Whether your son or daughter is planning for their first job, attending graduate school, or looking to volunteer after graduation, we provide many resources for life after graduation.  Highlighted resources: 

How can parents and family members help with the career/job search process?

One of the most important things you can do to support your family member during college is to talk with them about their career planning process.  Support them in listening to their thoughts and ideas.  College is a time for exploration, don't worry if your student has new ideas daily!  This is a part of the exploration process.  The best support is to be an active listener, keeping an open mind and giving suggestions on how they can find more information or resources.  

Encourage your student to utilize our 4-year checklist, attend XPD events, and/or meet with a Career Coach

How can a liberal arts education help my student in the job market?

Liberal arts graduates are attractive to employers because they possess the skills necessary to adapt in an ever-changing workforce.  Employers look for graduates with the right skills rather than the right major.  Having your student know what transferable skills they possess is the key to success. 

There are experiences your student can engage in to make them more marketable to employers and graduate schools. Through the Experience Hub, students can participate in study abroad programs, service-learning opportunities, career-building internships, undergraduate research projects, competitive fellowships, and mentoring activities. Students can also gain valuable experience by participating in on or off-campus work, volunteer positions, and extracurricular involvement (clubs/organizations).