Referring Students To Career Services

Faculty and staff are important sources of referrals; many students access both campuses are evaluated based on such personal referrals.

Walk-in Service is suggested for quick questions, initial resume and cover letter reviews, assistance with practice interviewing, and assistance with electronic career resources, such as E-link.  Career Services can also assist with major selection, graduate school applications, career exploration, seeking employment positions (summer, part-time, full-time positions), and volunteer opportunities.  Walk in hours.

Students can make individual career counseling appointments with one of the professional staff.

Services and resources:

  • Helping students identity interests, skills, and values and connecting those to major and career options.
  • Offering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory with detailed reports and follow-up analyses.
  • Assisting students explore careers via numerous career programs (Career Exploration Series, Career EXPO, and more).
  • Teaching resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing, networking, portfolio, and career social media skills.
  • Connecting students with resources related to experiential learning (internships, undergraduate research, volunteer experiences, etc.).
  • Preparing students to conduct an effective job search and connecting students with employers (On-Campus Interviewing, Career Fairs).
  • Advising students about the graduate/professional school process and linking them to resources for graduate/professional school.
  • Assisting students with graduate/professional school materials including resumes, applications, and personal statements.
  • Teaching students about the full-time service process and linking them to resources for full-time volunteer opportunities.
  • Assisting students with full-time service materials including resumes, applications, essays, and statements.