Salary Negotiation

Salary Negotiation for Women - Work Smart online workshop

Developed by AAUW (American Association for University Women)

Do you know that most women are less likely to negotiate for salary/benefits? Are you interested in learning more about salary negotiation – especially developed for women? Register and participate for AAUW Work Smart Online, a FREE online negotiation workshop.  Sign up today for the online workshop (that takes about 70 minutes to complete) and become an advocate for equal pay. 


Originally, AAUW focused on StartSmart, a salary negotiation program for college women. Thanks to funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation, LUNA Bar, and Mooneen Lecce Giving Circle, AAUW has expanded the program and launched Work Smart Online, which allows women to take the training anywhere, anytime.  Click on the link in the previous sentence or go to: .  Share Work Smart Online with your friends too.

Salary Negotiation - Things to Consider