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Poetry at Work 1/21/22 Acrostic Poems!

We kicked off spring semester here at the Writing Center by trying our hand at some acrostic poems. Acrostic poems are a unique and fun poetic form in which the first letter of each line spells out a word or phrase. To set some goals for spring semester, we chose the phrases “build trust” and “good rapport”. These two phrases are integral to what we do here at the Writing Center—we want to make our centers a supportive environment. In our staff meetings, we each contributed to writing lines of our acrostic poems, and at the end we had a cool patchwork poem that touches on themes of teamwork, goal-setting, and support.


Beginning the semester (Kyhl)

Understanding that COVID still exists (Sarah)

In these unprecedented times (Oliver)

Learning and listening (Miriam)

Depend on each other (Jack)

Teamwork is needed (Katherine)

Running through our daily lives (Oliver)

Undertaking new challenges (Jack)

Success just around the corner (Kyhl)

Together triumphant (Miriam)


Guide each other towards success (Avery)

Opportunities to grow (Bridget)

Offer support to each other (Kayla)

Doing the work (Kyhl)

Respect each other (Kate and Anna)

Adapt to unexpected changes (Grace)

Preparing ourselves to end the year strong


Put our best foot forward (Kate and Anna)

Outline your goals (Kate and Anna)

Read to your heart’s content! (Kate and Anna)

Taking on twenty twenty two (Bridget)

Writing Prompt:

For an acrostic poem, try to come up with a fun word phrase that means something to you, or that you find interesting. Write this word or phrase in a vertical list so one letter of the phrase begins each line in the poem. Additionally, you can add a rhyme scheme to your acrostic poem to add some flair. Now have some fun! Grab a dictionary or a thesaurus if you’re having trouble. Can’t think of a word or phrase? Try these out for size:

- Inspire

- Winter wonderland

- Serendipity

- Let it be