Appointment Notes on the Hive


Using the Hive to check for Writing Center Appointments and Meeting Notes. 


You can access information from your own students and advisees (including brief descriptions of the appointment) individually on the Hive under the meetings tab once you select the student. You can also direct your students to request an email to be sent to you by the peer writing tutor; however, tutors no longer do this as a matter of routine.  

Here is how to look up your students more generally by class, which can be much more efficient if you are looking for that level of information: If you are on the Hive, you can select “Students” under the menu at left, then choose your class. Once you have the roster listed, you can select “Additional Filters” and select by Meetings and meeting type. Here’s a more visual explanation: 

  • First, search for the course under “Sections” on the Cohorts and Relationships tab, which should look like this: 

  • Then, filter to Appointment Type on the Meetings Tab  and select all Writing Center Visit appointment types. You can’t see it in this image but you can set a DATE RANGE here as well.  

  • Once you complete this process, all the students with Writing Center visits should be listed. 


If you have further questions about this, please reach out to us at [email protected] or to Dr. Kyhl Lyndgaard, Writing Center Director, at [email protected].