Finding Us

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CSB Writing Center (HAB 103)

The CSB Writing Center is located in the HAB. Enter through the doors on the west side and walk down the first hallway on the left. The first door on your left will be HAB 103. You're there!

SJU Writing Center (Alcuin 349)

Located on Alcuin Library's top floor and across from the Informational Technology Help Desk.

Below is a step by step process on how to find the Writing Center located in Alcuin:

Step 1) You find yourself in front of the Abbey Church. Turn around.

Step 2) You will see the sign and doors for Alcuin Library. Walk inside! 

Step 3) On your right, you will see a staircase. Walk up the stairs. 

Step 4) At the top of the stairs, there is a doorway. Walk through the doorway. 

Step 5) After walking through the doorway you will see the Writing Center in the background on your right. Walk towards it. 

Step 6) You have arrived at the Writing Center. Come on in!