Peer Health Promotion Teams

Why Peer Health Promotion?

At CSB/SJU, the Health Promotion Department employs peer health teams to help comprehensively address relevant health issues on campus from the perspective of and for CSB/SJU students. We believe that students have a unique insight into how to connect with their fellow peers and offer them knowledge and opportunities to make healthy lifestyle choices. The peer health promotion teams are here to help bridge the gap between CSB/SJU students and campus health resources and provide valuable information to support healthy decision making.

Click on the links of the groups listed below to access their webpages.


stop@buzzed. is not an anti-alcohol campaign,

rather it's more like a pro-don't be-an-idiot campaign designed by and for students.

We all know the stats and facts. We're not asking you to stop.

We're not asking you to continue or start either.

We simply want you to make the choice to respect yourself and those around you, if you choose to drink.


student/staff partnership designed to facilitate honest, open conversation regarding sexual health issues in order to foster healthy, safe decisions around sex and an environment that does not tolerate, accept or condone sexual activity without consent

Dream Team

peer health promotion group promoting healthy sleep habits via sleep campaigns and sleep presentations to individuals and groups on campus

Health Advocates

peer health promotion group promoting positive living choices via health campaigns, informational booths, and many other fun activities throughout the academic year from a female perspective

Health Initiative

multi-strategy, multi promotional effort directed toward issues that affect the health and well-being of college-aged men presently and behaviors that could influence their health in the future