Absorption Rate Factors

The weight of a person greatly affects the distribution of alcohol throughout the body. The smaller the person, the less room for alcohol to distribute itself.

Generally, men can handle more alcohol than women. This is because women are usually smaller, have more body fat and have lower total body water content than men. Also, a woman's ability to metabolize alcohol can be affected by her menstrual cycle due to higher levels of estrogen. All of this contributes to higher concentrations of alcohol in a woman's system even if she is drinking the same amount as a man.

Other drugs or medications in the system
Alcohol is a depressant. Any illegal, prescription or over the counter drug is likely to react with alcohol and may increase intoxication or negative effects.

Rate of Consumption
Your body will only process about one drink of alcohol per hour. Chugging, doing shots or playing drinking games increases consumption rates of alcohol.

Food in the stomach|
Your stomach lining absorbs alcohol directly into your blood stream. Food slows down that absorption of alcohol.

Type of Drink
Diluting alcohol with water or juices reduces the volume of alcohol your blood stream. Drinking straight alcohol or alcohol mixed with carbonated beverages speeds up absorption.

In its simplest form, calculating a person's BAC level is based on how much alcohol went into what kind of body over a period of how much time. When you drink alcohol, the percentage of alcohol increases with each drink, or your BAC increases with each drink.

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