What Can I Do?

Take charge of your own health by making healthier lifestyle choices!

Reflect on some of the health choices you are currently making.

  • Don't smoke. This includes vaping and other nicotine delivery systems. Looking to quit? Text DITCHJUUL to 88709
  • Eat a healthy diet. Choose vegetables, fruits, whole grains, high-fiber foods and lean sources of protein, such as fish. 
  • Maintain a healthy weight. This can lower your risk of heart disease as well as various types of cancer.
  • Get moving. Choose activities you enjoy, such as ice skating, basketball or brisk walking. All physical activity benefits your health.
  • Limit alcohol. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so only in moderation and always stop@buzzed
  • Manage stress. If you feel constantly on edge or under pressure, your lifestyle habits may suffer — and so might your immune system. Take steps to reduce stress — or learn to deal with stress in healthy ways.

Don't wait to visit the doctor until something is seriously wrong.

Your doctor can be your best ally for preventing health problems.

Asking for help or seeking assistance for your physical and mental health does not show "weakness"!

It is actually a sign of strength!

Understanding health risks is one thing. Taking action to reduce your risks is another. Start by making healthy lifestyle choices. The impact might be greater than you'll ever know.

*Information obtained from: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/mens-health/in-depth/mens-health/art-20047764