Health Advocate Job Description

Job Title: Health Advocate

Department/Agency: Counseling and Health Promotion

Length of Position: Academic year

Function/Description of the Position: The mission of the Health Advocates (HA) is to promote student wellness through integrated living, healthy choices, and self-responsibility. The function of the position is to work under the direction of the HA Supervisor to promote the mission through various duties and responsibilities. The Health Advocates promote health through a variety of methods: programming, displays, presentations, collaboration with other student organizations and/or faculty and staff, and publications. The Health Advocate role is one that fosters independence, collaboration, leadership, personal growth, and an increased knowledge base about the promotion of health.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Attends all training and orientation activities for Health Advocate program.
  • Contributes to planning, implementation, and evaluation of all Health Advocate activities and events.
  • Demonstrate self-motivation and commitment to this position by attending mandatory weekly meetings.
  • Encourage students to take self-responsibility for their health by teaching the concept of wellness through various health promotion and health programming methods.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills by heading at least one event committee.
  • Research and write articles for Healthy Headlines, the Record, and/or other publications/media outlets.
  • Serve as a spokeswoman for the Health Advocate group as deemed necessary.
  • Collaborate with other campus organizations/faculty/staff on events and programs.
  • Meet with Health Advocate Supervisor as needed and/or per request.

Minimum Qualifications to perform the duties of the position:

  • Personal commitment to health and wellness.
  • Strong and demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Ability to work with a group and on individual projects as assigned.
  • Communication skills, organizational skills, writing skills, and public speaking ability.
  • Previous work experience in a health promotion/health education position is desirable.
  • Creativity in promoting events and creating event ideas is desirable.

Work Schedule:

Work awards of 5-6 hours a week. Hours will be variable week by week because of the functions that the Health Advocates are involved with each week. Flexibility of work hours is imperative.

Contact Person: Lori Klapperich, Health Promotion Programmer