CSB/SJU Counseling Evaluation Survey

Please note that all evaluations are e-mailed to us by "System Administrator" so all responses are anonymous.

Because this is an anonymous survey, please give us your honest appraisal of our services. Feedback from this survey is used to modify and improve the services we offer.

Present Classification:

Estimated number of visits:
Perceptions: Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements about your counseling experience:
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Applicable
The reception staff provided assistance in a friendly manner.
I was able to get an appointment within a reasonable amount of time.
I felt sure that information about me would be kept private/confidential.
The problem for which I sought counseling interfered with my functioning as a student.
I put a lot of effort into the counseling sessions.
I experienced improvement in the concerns or problems for which I sought services.
The counselor provided an environment in which I felt comfortable discussing my concerns.
I felt accepted as a person by my counselor.
The counselor helped me understand and clarify my concerns.
I felt my differences (ethnic, racial, cultural, gender, religious, etc.) were respected.
I learned one or more strategies to solve or cope with problems (e.g., depression, anxiety).
I strengthened one or more self-management skills (e.g., stress management, time management).
I learned one or more strategies to improve my decision making skills.
I improved my relationship with others.
I gained a greater understanding of myself.
I decided to live a healthier lifestyle (e.g., get more sleep, exercise more, decrease alcohol use, eat better).
Counseling has helped me improve or maintain my academic success.
Overall, I found that the counseling I received was helpful.
I would recommend CSB/SJU Counseling to others: