Your Commitment

When you decide to join Upward Bound, you make a commitment - to us, but also to yourself. You say, "I'm dedicated to getting good grades, I'm dedicated to going to college, and I'm dedicated to attain a college degree."

There are 3 main activities you would be commiting to doing with us:

  1. Tutoring
  2. Saturday Sessions
  3. Summer Program


Every week, you will be able to come to tutoring. At these weekly sessions, you will have access to CSB and SJU college student tutors, and your Program Advisor. This way, you can work on homework with a college student (hello good grades, and an inside scoop on what college is like!), or do some college planning with your advisor. These weekly sessions go most of the school year - from September to May.

Saturday Sessions...

These are special sessions offered during the school year - from September to May. These sessions are a lot more fun than tutoring - go on college tours, visit new cities, see museums or plays, and more. Offerings change every year, based on the activities our current students want to do!

Nearly all of our Saturday Sessions are hosted at the College of St. Benedit or St. John's Univeristy, and most sessions are 9am-3pm. At these sessions, you'll see your CSB/SJU tutor, program advisor, and program director.

Summer program...

Upward Bound group in Colorado on a summer trip

This is our favorite part! For 6 weeks, you get to experience college life. We will host academic and elective classes, group activities, field trips, and sometimes travel together.

The summer 2023 program begins June 12 and ends July 21. Students stay on campus during the week, taking classes, experiencing college life activities, and taking field trips. We're also planning an overnight trip from July 5 to 7! Options to attend as a "day student" are available.

A typical day consists of:

  • Going to class in the morning (math, english, science, and foreign language)
  • Eating a buffet lunch at the college cafeteria
  • Going to afternoon elective classes (anything from art to technology)
  • Eating again - pizza parties are common
  • Group activities in the evening (sports, talent show, movies, swimming, etc.)

We will provide parents/guardians with a full schedule of events and permission slips. We are happy to provide accommodations for various religious practices, dietary restrictions, ability levels, and more.  Activities may change due to COVID-19 regulations, but notice will be provided when possible. Please contact the Program Director with any questions or concerns accommodations.