Upward Bound is sponsored by the United States Department of Education.  It is one program of the TRIO programs. 

The TRIO programs are designed to identify promising students, prepare them for college level work, provide information on academic and financial aid opportunities, and offer tutoring and support services to student once they reach campus to ensure college retention and graduation.  Over 1,200 colleges, universities, community colleges and agencies in the United States now offer TRIO programs. 

TRIO funds are distributed to institutions through competitive grants.  TRIO refers to the following six programs under Title 1V of the Higher Education Act of 1965:

Student Support Services

This program helps people from families with incomes under $24,000 and/or where neither parent graduated from college, to stay in college until they earn their baccalaureate degree.  Participants, which include college students who are disabled, receive tutoring, counseling, and instruction.

Upward Bound

Upward Bound helps people from families with incomes under $24,000 and/or where neither parent graduated from college, prepare for higher education.  Participants receive instruction in literature, composition, mathematics and science on college campuses after school, on Saturdays and during the summer.

Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Programs

These programs are designed to encourage from families with incomes under $24,000 and minority undergraduates to consider careers in college teaching as well as prepare for doctoral study.  Named in honor of the astronaut who died in the 1986 space-shuttle explosion, students who participate in this program are provided with research opportunities and faculty mentors.

Educational Talent Search

The Educational Talent Search programs serve young people in grades 6-12.  In addition to counseling, participants receive information about college admissions requirements, scholarships and various student financial aid programs.  The program helps students to better understand their educational opportunities.

Educational Opportunity Centers

These centers are located throughout the country, primarily serve displaced or under-employed workers from families with incomes under $24,000.  The centers help people choose a college and suitable financial aid program.  There are 74 Educational Opportunity Centers in the United States.