Environmental Studies Virtual Poster Session 2020

Environmental Studies Poster Session - 10am

Thomas Dougherty

Salting Minnesota's Roads is causing Harm to Infrastructure and the Environment.

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Hannah Windschitl

Climate Chang and Mental Health: The Impacts of Eco Anxiety on Youth in the United States

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Nathan Stone

The Salmonidae Solution: An analysis of Catch and Release as a Sustainable Management Practice for Climate Threatened Trout and Related Species in Colorado

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Margeaux Pederson

Efficient Energy: How the Integration of Smart Grids Will Enhance the Current US Energy System

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Maggie Morin

Walkability of Two Minneapolis Neighborhoods: Hawthorne and Longfellow

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Max Lyons

Educating the Next Generation Through Aquaponic Farming

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Jane Koll

Rewilding the City: The Use of Nature as A Strategy for Climate Adaptation and Social Change

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Jayson Valek

Minnesota Walleye: How the State’s Current Fishing Culture is Detrimental to Minnesota’s Aquatic Ecosystems and How It Can Change

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Michele Beadle

Oak Wilk Management for the Saint John’s Abbey Arboretum

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Austin Solors

Monitoring Ungulates as Markets for Minnesota Wildlife

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Julia Abell

"Seeing is Believing": The Influence of Outdoor Experiences on Climate Awareness and Action

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Hollie Hennagir

Got Milk? What Kind? The Sustainability of Various Plant-Based Milks

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Alejandra Gallardo

When Home Won’t Let You Stay: How Climate Change is Driving Central American Migrations

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Kyaw Kyaw Htwe

Evaluating Willingness to Reduce Meat Consumption at CSBSJU by Gender

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William Hawkins

Umuganda at CSBSJU Implementing Mandatory Community Service on Campus

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Morgan Clark-Sager

Is Captive Breeding the Only Hope for Endangered Wildlife?

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Grant Becker

Building with the Sun: Passive Solar Home Accessibility in Minnesota

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Joe Bastian

The Impact of Climate Change on Alaskan Pacific Salmon Populations Zoom Recording

Jack Pieper

Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge into U.S. Climate Adaptation Policies Zoom Recording

Maija Eickoff

Wholistic Implications of Urban Agriculture Zoom Recording

Madeleine Partch

A Circular Economy: A Global Solution to Global Waste

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Brendan Lee-Gilligan

Not the Bees Knees: Slowing The Decline of Pollinators

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Kathryn Imholte

LEDs: Industrial Implementation in Cities and Businesses


Luke Allen

WIld Oceanic Salmon Consumption: How Aquaculture Can Safely and Efficiently Offset Global Salmon Needs

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