#1 - Joshua Aune, “Measuring the Effects of Ammonium Salt Inhalation on Reaction Time, Power Output and Resistance to Fatigue in Male Collegiate Athletes.”


Dr. Mary Stenson, Exercise Science & Sport Studies

What inspired you to select your research or creative work topic? 

"Watching a lot of sports growing up, it has become almost guaranteed that you will see a player on the bench using smelling salts before or during a game, especially within contact sports such as hockey or football. Intrigued as to why the use of smelling salts has trickled down to the high school levels, I decided to try them myself. As I felt more alert, I began to wonder if there are any temporary benefits to athletic performance after inhaling smelling salts."

Which of the CSB/SJU Learning Goals applies to the experience you had conducting research?

This project allowed me the opportunity to THINK DEEPLY and become immersed in the process of performing research. As I researched into prior studies, I noticed that the previous literature had not measured the variables of reaction time or resistance to fatigue after inhaling smelling salts. After consulting my advisor, Dr. Stenson, I had a few ideas on how to measure these variables, and had to think about the most logical way to translate these ideas into ways I could collect the data I was aiming to measure

What advice would you give to future CSB/SJU students that want to participate in undergraduate research or creative work? 

"Start early and do not procrastinate. Don't be afraid to ask for help and understand that there is a network of people here happy to offer you support throughout the research process. It may seem like a long and arduous journey, but the experience is very meaningful especially if you choose a topic you are passionate about."