Previous Summer Grant Faculty Recipients


The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Providers: Clinical and Personal Experiences
Dr. Ellen Block, Sociology

Understanding the Role of Ionotropic glutamate receptors in depression
Dr. Lisa Gentile, Chemistry

Jewish refugees in shanghai during WWII: Experiences, Memory, and resiliency
Dr. Sophia Geng, Languages & Cultures - Asian Studies

Protecting Wild Rice in Partnership with the White Earth Nation
Dr. Ted Gordon, Sociology

Reflection Action Dialogue: Theater of the Oppressed & Rehearsing for Life on the College Campus
Dr. Roy Ketchum, Hispanic Studies/Latino & Latin American studies

Advancing the Lower-Level German Curriculum with a Literacies-Based Approach
Dr. Brooke Kreitinger, Languages & Cultures - German

Economic Value of Lake Superior to the Residents of Duluth, MN
Dr. Samrat Kunwar, Economics

Program Testing Education Using Program Synthesis
Dr. Peter Ohmann, Computer Science

Lights Out on Digraph Products
Dr. Travis Peters, Math

Best Practices in Delivering Hospital-Based Creative Writing Programming to Admitted Patients (Interdisciplinary Grant)
Dr. Christopher Bolin and Dr. Mani Campos, English and Biology

Pandemic, Populism, and Masculinity: An Analysis of Donald Trump's Tweets (Interdisciplinary Grant)
Dr. Pedro dos Santos and Dr. Jacob Jantzer, Political Science and Sociology/Gender Studies


Factors Affecting Income: Education, Experience, & Beyond
Dr. Md Yasin Arafat, Economics

Validity and Reliability of Mobile Apps in Determining Dietary Intake
Dr. Alexa Evenson, Nutrition

The Impact of Diet and ?Exercise on the Immune Response to Influenza Vaccination in Mice
Dr. Ashley Fink, Biology

Assimilation and Resilience: Native & Benedictine Relations in White Eath Mission Boarding School
Dr. Ted Gordon, First Year Seminar

Using Advances in the Visuals Display of Information to Ehance Grammar and Vocabulary Instruction
Dr. Kurt Holldender, Languages and Cultures

Refining a Conceptual Framework for Predicting Political Leadership Behaviors
Dr. Aubrey Immelman, Psychology

Optimal Management of Recreational Fisheries in Minnesota
Dr. Samrat Kunwar, Economics

Humor Use in the Construction of Politico-Social Identities
Shane Miller, Communications

Lights Out on Graphs
Dr. Travis Peters, Mathematics

Jews and Christians in the Roman World
Dr. Jason Schlude, Languages and Cultures

Distribution of Word Lengths in Groups
Dr. Tom Sibley, Mathematics

Game R-Limited Chromatic Numbers
Anne Sinko, Mathematics

Using Debate to Build Skills for Civil Dialogue
Dr. Christi Siver, Political Scicece 


Sending Interest Signals Through Power Cables with Permutations
Dr. Bret Benesh, Mathematics

Growing Up Catholic: A Qualitative Analysis of Young Adults' Reflections
Dr. Jennifer Beste, Theology

Motions as Moderators or Mediators of Resonance, Integration, and Validation During Reading
Dr. Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Education

A Presidenta: Women's Empowerment Under Dilma Rousseff
Dr. Pedro Dos Santos, Political Science

Pearl Buck's Short Stories on the 1931 Yangtze Flood
Dr. Sophia Geng, Asian Studies

Benedictine and Ojibwe Relations: The First Century
Dr. Ted Gordon, FYS

CSB/SJU Students' Health Beliefs, Practices, and Communication
Dr. Jennifer Kramer, Communication

Genome Editing Using CRISPR/CAS9: Investigating the Role Of TEN1 in the Maintenance and Protection of Telomeres in Arabidopsis Thaliana
Dr. Katherine Leehy, Biology

Climate Storytelling
Dr. Kyhl Lyndgaard, Enviromental Studies

Graphical Interfaces for Software Failure Analysis
Dr. Peter Ohmann, Computer Science

Metacognitive Training Affects Student Self-Efficacy and Performance in an Upper-Division Biology Course
Dr. Jennifer Schaefer, Biology

Migration and Urbanization in Santiago Chile
Dr. Megan Sheehan, Sociology

Measuring Risks Preferences and Patience Among Immigrant and Native Populations in Central Minnesota
Dr. Parker Wheatley, Economics


Determination of Cyanide and Its Breakdown Products in Biological Sample
Dr. Md. Fazal, Chemistry

Zou Ma Town: A Case Study of Urbanization's Impact on China's Traditional Cultures
Dr. Sophia Geng, Languages and Cultures

Newpaper Accounts of Central Minnesota's Ojibwe at a Time of Disruption
Dr. Ted Gordon, FYS

Inside the Artist's Studio; Parallel Invesitgations of Form and Surface
Samuel Johnson, Art

Understanding American Trade: Bilateral Trade Between the U.S. and the World, 1840 to 1914
Dr. Louis Johnston, Economics

High School Female Coaches Study
Dr. Janna LaFountaine, Exercise Science and Sports Studies

Identification of a Spontaneuos Coat Color Mutation
Demelza Larson, Biology

Synthesis of Metal-Organic Framework-Supported Rhodium Complexes For Use as Potential Enviromental Remediation Catalysts
Dr. Alicia Peterson, Chemistry

Development of Modification Strategies for Mediating the Surface Properties of Gold Surfaces Using Organic Molecules
Dr. Annette Raigoza, Chemistry

A Catalyst for Ring-Opening Polymerization of Sustainable Monomers
Dr. Chris Schaller, Chemistry

The Probability of Generating a Group
Dr. Tom Sibley, Mathematics

Kaleidoscopic Allusions: Henry James, Edith Wharton, and Theodore Dreiser on Convention as Kaleidoscopic Lens
Dr. Christina Tourino, English

Changing Legal Conditions and the Evolution of the Alternative Financial Services Industry
Dr. W. Parker Wheatler, Economics