Past Lindmark Fellows

Year  Student Name Major Faculty Advisor  Advisor Department Project Title
2018  Peter Johnson  Political Science  Scott Johnson  Political Science The Ethics of Corporation Campaign Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility
2018  William Gillach  Biochemistry  Demelza Larson/ Paul Marsnik  Biology/ Global   Business Leadership The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Companies and Opioids 
 2017  Francesco Hanson  Sociology   Dr. Ted Gordon  Sociology The Sun Shines for Everyone: Creating Community Solar Business Models That Include Culturally and Geographically Diverse Low-Income Americans 
 2017  Derek McLaughlin  Global Business  Wendy Sterba  MCLL/German An Ethical Approach to Pharmaceutical Price Increase in the United States
 2016  Jeffrey Johnson  Education  Jeanne Cofell  Education A Wonderful Education: A Catholic case for the ethics of wonder in the classroom
 2016  Jonathan Sutton  Communication  Jen Kramer  Communication Impact of workplace romances on coworkers and workplace climate
 2015  James Pathoulas  Biology/Pre-Med  Jen Kramer  Communication Ethical Documentation at the End of Life
 2015  Alex Ingulsrud  Philosophy  Emily Esch  Philosophy Soil Conservation: An Economic and Political Dilemma
 2014  Nicholas Benson  History & Philosophy  Chuck Wright  Philosophy The Ethics of Doctor-Patient Relationships in Western Medicine
 2013  Ryan   Wojciechowski  Global Business  Wendy Klepetar  Global Business Storytelling, Moral Imagination, and Entrepreneurial ethics
 2012  Ryan Wold  Political Science &   Philosophy  Claire Haeg  Political Science Campaign Finance Ethics
 2011  Jared Smith*  Environmental   Studies  Jean Lavigne  Environmental   Studies The Cooperative Business Model: When and where are we forced to draw the line on ethical practices?
 2010  Jared Sherlock  Management  Rick Saucier  Management Effects of Exposure on the  : Preserving Magic’s Secrets in the Absence of Law
 2010  Pat Sitzer  Philosophy  Tony Cunningham  Philosophy Moral Attitudes in Light of Hypothetical Imperatives