Innovation Partners

CSB/SJU Have Been Selected to Participate in Pilot of Innovation Partners for Spring 2021!

Innovation Partners provides outstanding liberal arts students from Minnesota’s private colleges and universities the unique opportunity to engage in the business development process of new innovations in real time. The program broadens interdisciplinary learning opportunities by exploring innovations at the intersection of science, business, medicine and entrepreneurship at early stage medical companies in Minnesota.

Innovation Partners builds on the evidence-based strengths of the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP), an experiential learning model with a 14-year track record of successfully engaging more than 750 Minnesota private college and university students in the analysis of over 150 projects at various stages of development at Mayo Clinic. Innovation Partners, by focusing on early stage medical companies, provides students with exposure to the array of challenges associated with commercialization. The program is open to junior and senior undergraduates from across disciplines. Graduate student participants are enrolled in business programs at Minnesota private universities.

Program Details:

  • The program is open to junior and senior undergraduates from across disciplines, designed to create a “liberal arts oriented” team of 4 students per participating campus. Ideally, one student from the natural sciences, one student from business, and two students interested in entrepreneurship will be selected.
  • This program will run from January 4 – February 12 and will be 100% virtual. The team should expect to work 10-15 hours each week. Please note this runs during part of Block 1 of spring semester.
  • Teams will be paired with a graduate student to help manage the project, as well as be mentored by CSB/SJU faculty.