2020-21 Cohort Profiles

Emerging Scholar: Cao Doan
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexa Evenson, Nutrition
Project: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Dietary Habits and Intake of College Student 

Emerging Scholar: Bretxi Sandiero Flores
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Merritt Nash
Project: "A Proposal Concerning Black Survival:" The History of Black Student Activism at CSB/SJU

Emerging Scholar: Fredi Ponce Parra
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ted Gordon
Project: Comparison of Tribal and State Governments in Covid-19 Response 

Emerging Scholar: Maria Fajardo Reyes
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pedro dos Santos
Project: Comparsion of Presidential Media Use in Relation to Covid-19 Pandemic Response 

Emerging Scholar: Benchelo Victorin
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bret Benesh
Project: Game Development Using Game Theory