2019-20 Cohort Profiles

Emerging Scholar: Alex Arellano 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katie Furniss, Biology 
Project: Genetic Variation of the Pinus strobus in the St. John's Abbey Arboretum

Emerging Scholar: Karen Benitez 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Annette Raigoza, Chemistry 
Project: Development of Biological Sensors: Attachment of Adamantanethiol Molecules

Emerging Scholar: Julia Krystiofiak
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeff DuBois, Languages and Culturres
Project: Learning Japanese Kanji through Lightboard Videos 

Emerging Scholar: Gilbert Perez
Faculty Mentor: Ted Gordon, First Year Seminar
Project: Transforming CSBSJU for Native and Indigenous Inclusion 

Not Pictured - 

Emerging Scholar: Perrin Thompson
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Pembleton, Global Business Leadership
Project: Balancing the Professional and Personal Lives of Hmong Women in Leadership - A Phenomenological Culture Case Study