Undergraduate Research & Creative Work Grant Funding Policies

General Grant Information

  • Funding is never guaranteed.
  • Proposals must be well planned, present a quality idea, follow guidelines, have all questions answered, and include a realistic and accurate budget to be considered.
  • Professionalism is expected; spelling, grammar, and content errors
  • Every project must have a faculty mentor that will support them through the entire process. Faculty Letters of Support are required for the grant to be considered.
  • Projects that are part of a course requirement are not eligible.
    • If a student is doing an individualized project for a class (i.e. something they created on their own), they can still apply for a grant. Those requests will be reviewed and decided on based on proposal.
  • Grants are reviewed on a rolling basis; students can expect a response in 5-7 business days.
  • The Undergraduate Research Program does not tolerate purchases made outside of the grant award period.
    • We will not retro-actively reimburse items purchased prior to receiving your award letter. 
    • We expect students to take responsibility of their award; we will not send reminders to students that have not turned in reimbursement paperwork, even if they have grant funding available.
    • Please closely read our purchasing procedures. 

Production of Research & Creative Work Grant

  • These are grants to help students with the direct cost of research or creative works. Student research grants are intended to defray the direct costs of conducting scholarly or creative work.
  • Costs associated with producing a final project (such as printing of presentation posters, papers, etc) can be included.
  • Fine Arts students coordinating a performance, showcase, etc should apply for production grants.
  • Students can apply for 2 production grants per academic year, totaling $600.00
  • Grant amounts range from $50-$600.
  • Grant award periods run from the date of submission to the last day of the respective semester:
    • Fall Semester Production Grants – due last day of Fall semester
    • Spring Semester Production Grants – due last day of Spring semester
    • Summer Production Grants – due First day of Fall semester

Presentation of Research & Creative Work Grant

  • Presentation grants support costs incurred by students to present their work off campus.
    • These could include travel and/or supplies related to presenting your scholarly or creative work.
    • Most of your travel expenses to present research can be covered, including lodging, plane fare, and registration fees.
    • Direct costs of preparing a talk, artwork or poster can also be included in your grant award.
    • Funding to pay for costs associated with journal submissions or publishing. 
  • Maximum grant award is $750.
  • Students can apply for 1 presentation grant per year.
  • Students may apply for a presentation grant prior to receiving acceptance into a conference, presentation, etc.
    • Students are expected to notify UR if they no longer need funding.
  • Fine Arts students should only apply for a presentation grant if they are performing/showcasing off-campus.
  • We do not fund requests that will only be presented on campus, such as CSC Day, in-class settings, department events, etc. CSC Day related expenses can be supported through a production grant. 
  • Grant award periods run from the date of submission to one month after the travel return date. (i.e. if a student returns on 2/14/2018, the award period will end on 3/14/2018).