Undergraduate Research & Creative Work Grant Purchasing Policies

Grant Award Period Information:

  • Each student is provided a "grant award period" in their award letter. The grant award period is the timeframe in which funding will be available to that student for that particular project. To provide as many opportunities to students as possible, we ask grant recipients to take advantage of purchasing within one semester. Exceptions can be made upon student request. 
    • The Undergraduate Research Program does not retro-actively fund or reimburse supplies purchased outside the student’s grant award period. If you have questions about award dates, please verify with Lindsey Gutsch. In general, grant purchases need to be made by the following dates:
      • Fall Semester Production Grants – due last day of Fall semester
      • Spring Semester Production Grants – due last day of Spring semester
      • Summer Production Grants – due First day of Fall semester
      • Presentation Grants – due one month after return from travel
    • The Undergraduate Research Program does not tolerate overspending grant award; expenses that go beyond the award amount must be covered by the student or their home department. 

Accessing Funds:

There are three ways students can access their grant funding: 

  1. Working with your home department coordinator and/or faculty advisor to make purchases
  2. Working with Undergraduate Research to make purchases
  3. Making purchases on your own and seeking reimbursement from Undergraduate Research

Policy updated: August 2020