Spotlight #6: Sabrina Urick and Nicole Praska: the Usefulness of Bridging Inferences and Elaboration Strategies in Comprehension - Advisor: Dr. Kate Bohn-Gettler

Sabrina: The topic of my research is inspired and guided by Dr. Catherine Bohn-Gettler who has been a mentor to me for the last two years. The education psychology lab that she teaches has given me many opportunities to explore the field and engage in meaningful research.

Nicole: I became involved with this project because it focuses on a concentration within psychology and is guided by Dr. Catherine Bohn-Gettler who has been a mentor to me for the last three years. When the opportunity arose for me to dive deeper into studying reading comprehension, I was ecstatic to continue researching and finding answers. The goal of any research proposal is to add to current literature in the hope of aiding the understanding a certain topic. This study does just that and will lead to countless other studies to further the understanding of reading comprehension.

S: One of CSB/SJU's five learning goals that best applies to my experience conducting research is Think Deeply. Throughout my experience in my education psychology lab, I have had to engage deeply in literature reviews, recreate and rethink important models of text comprehension, and simplify coding mechanisms for various studies all of which are related to a reader's text comprehension. This research topic was one that I had not explore previously and did not come to me naturally, but I worked hard to be knowledgeable in the topic and to be a hardworking and contributing partner in the lab.

N: One of CSB/SJU’s five learning goals that best applies to my experience conducting this research is Think Deeply. Dr. Catherine Bohn-Gettler has mentored me and helped me learn how to think deeply. I have had the opportunity to think deeply while doing literature reviews, creating theoretical proposals, thinking over comprehension models and thinking of my own creative research ideas. This experience in the educational psychology lab along with my past (almost) 4 years here at CSB/SJU has helped me explore research on a deeper level. It has given me experience with thinking deeply about research and has helped me strive for answers.

S: If you have even a little interest in research and what it could be like, please try it! Participating in research at the undergraduate level is the best way to discover new passions and interests, potential career paths, and make meaningful relationships with other students and faculty members.

N: My advice to future students that aspire to participate in undergraduate research or creative work would be to go for it! Find something that inspires you and make your own project out of it! Our university offers a wide array of research opportunities and professors are very helpful in guiding research projects. Not only is research is a great development skill that will look great on your resume, it will also help you build meaningful professional and personal relationships while learning.

What else are you involved in on campus?

S: I'm currently an RA on campus. I volunteer under SSJ as a J-Walker volunteer at the Dream Center in St. Cloud. I'm also a Student Health Assistant at the St. Cloud Hospital and I participate in another psychology lab with Ben Faber.

N: In addition to the educational psychology lab, I am also currently in a psychology lab with Dr. Ben Faber. I volunteer with campus ministry and was a Co-leader for the Faithful Fools ABE.