Spotlight #5: Sydney Elizabeth Robinson: Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring and the Importance of Peer to Peer Mentorship - Advisor: Dr. Rachel Marston

I was inspired by my own experience as an underrepresented student on campus. There weren't programs directly related to my personal needs as someone with intersectional, minority identities and I believe it was necessary to create and establish a program that directly addressed the concerns of students who identify as First Generation, International, LGBTQ+, a Bennie of color, or persons with physical or invisible disabilities.

With Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring becoming more and more active on campus, it is important to our staff that all Faculty and Professional Staff on campus are knowledgeable about this amazing mentoring program. AIM strives to strength CSB’s historically underrepresented students' personal development and leadership through collaboration with various academic groups on campus to help build community, sense of belonging, and overall student success. These students include but are not limited to: Students of color, Members of the LGBTQ+ Community, First Generation Students, Those with invisible or physical disabilities. We are seeking to create a sisterhood and a community for our AIM Scholars where we nurture the talents that Bennies already have while also empowering them to maximize their education. This directly correlates with Embracing Difference, Serving Graciously, and Engaging Globally.

Do not wait until you're a senior! It may seem scary to be an underclassmen at an event this scale, but you have all the tools and resources on campus to conduct whatever kind of research you want whether that be within your academic, social, or cultural interest.

What else are you involved in on campus?

Vice President of the Student Senate, Class of 2019 Representative, & Director of Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring