Spotlight #3: Faith Gronda, Margaret Beckmann, & Brady Sabolik: Got Milk? - Advisor: Dr. Christina Tourino

Faith: For his research project, Brady Sabolik wrote about milk and the different arguments for and against milk consumption and the ethics of the dairy industry. His presentation to the class really got me thinking about the topic. When assigned a group video project, Brady, Maggie, and I decided that this issue would be excellent as we were all very interested in what further information we could find. Many of the people at csb/sju have differing opinions on dairy consumption making this project very relevant to the community around us. 

Margaret: We had three topics to choose to examine further and we decided to look into milk consumption on campus. We wanted to find the reasons that people drink cow milk vs. dairy substitutes. Milk is an important part of a good diet and a good diet is important to the overall health of students at CSB/SJU.

Brady: Growing up on a dairy farm I have a close relationship to the industry. The news presents many topics regarding milk consumption and the ethics of the dairy industry. After researching the depth of these arguments I found it time to present the knowledge to the greater public. Faith, Maggie, and I created this film in order to show the public a greater understanding of these controversial topics.

F: Engage Globally. We conducted our research to get the differing opinions of those around us. It is important to acknowledge the various beliefs people hold and the reasons for them. This topic is very relevant at the moment and we thought it would beneficial to start up a conversation about it. Although everyone doesn't agree, being educated on another point of view is vital so a person can work to understand where someone else is coming from. 

M: We embraced difference with this project. We wanted to understand why people drink or don't drink dairy. Everyone has their own reason and we wanted to know more.

B: Engage Globally. Striving to connect to a world beyond our small farm is essential to maintain the dairy industry. Our society is more global than ever and the dairy industry is no different. I believe presenting reputable facts and information to the public and letting them decide for themselves is better than letting those people make decisions based on skewed propaganda. Embracing these people, meeting them where they're at, and taking the time to educate them is the only way to maintain this industry.

F: Participating in undergraduate research is very exciting. Yes, it may be hard at times, but with hard work comes great reward. I would advise future students to put themselves out there and research topics that they are genuinely curious about. It will expand their horizons and boost their confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

M: My advice would be to find something you are passionate about. It can be anything from the actual topic, the design of the project, or the final production of it.

B: Take every opportunity you can to expand your mind and be open to change. You never know what you know until you don't know something. Conducting research can be an experience which broadens your own mind and makes you think in ways you never thought you would. Don't let yourself settle for the easy A when you could take the opportunity to learn new things, you will not regret it.

What else are you involved in on campus?

F: Bonner Leader Program, SJU EMT Squad, Community Kitchen

M: Chamber Choir, Track and Field

B: FOCUS, Intramurals