#6 - Madison Jones, “Utilizing Heart rate to Predict Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption: A Mathematical Model.”


Dr. Mary Stenson, Exercise Science & Sport Studies

What inspired you to select your research or creative work topic? 

I have worked as a laboratory assistant in the Exercise Science department for 3 years, During which time I assisted in countless VO2max tests. It is a grueling protocol, but there are some consistencies in the recovery from exercise. Any predictive value that heart rate can provide about recovery after exercise would be very useful and could potentially yield more information about the physiology with less effort.

Which of CSB/SJU's learning goals applies to your experience conducting research?

Live Courageously: This research was no easy task. There were several instances in the beginning of this process that I was tempted to switch to an easier topic. However, I was passionate about the topic and I knew that if I applied the principles learned in so many of my courses before I would succeed. 

What advice would you give to future CSB/SJU students that want to participate in undergraduate research or creative work? 

Research what you are passionate about, because it makes the extra workload and long hours feel like a privilege rather than work.