#4- John Colleran, “The Acute Effects of Mental Imagery Training on Force Production in College-age Students.”


Dr. Mary Stenson, Exercise Science & Sport Studies 

What inspired you to select your research topic?

My research was born after years of experience in powerlifting. Day after day, I observed other athletes practicing intriguing yet hilarious warm-up routines. Whether it was slapping each others' backs, listening to heavy metal music, or using smelling salts, they swore to the routine's efficacy. But, I always wondered, did it really do anything to help them lift more? And here we are, years later, after hours of mental plateaus and endless research: tangible results.

Which of CSB/SJU's learning goals applies to your experience conducting research?

Think Deeply. It may sound like a bit of cliché considering scientific research as the topic. However, it is anything but considering the academic emphasis of CSB/SJU: liberal arts. The holistic experience of my integrative science major pooled topics like exercise physiology and psychology into one degree. Due to the focus on understanding the connections between all science fields, I was provided with the tool necessary to develop and produce my research. Thinking deeply is about taking the unknown in front of you and applying the knowledge gained to better understand it. 

What advice would you give to future CSB/SJU students that want to participate in undergraduate research or creative work? 

Get connected! Leverage the fact that CSB/SJU is a small community of creative thinkers. If you demonstrate to your professors that you're willing to take on the challenge and responsibility of undergraduate research, opportunities will become a reality.