CSC Day Spotlight

Each CSC Day, the Undergraduate Research Program highlights the research and creative work of a select number of exceptional student projects as part of our CSC Day Spotlight! To be considered for the spotlight, students must be nominated, register to present their work at CSC Day, and submit a short video Flash Talk describing their research or creative work. 

Spotlight recipients are selected on the basis of having a timely project that exceed expectations, not only in the quality of the research or creative work, but also in their growth as scholars in their field.

Congratulations to our 2021 Spotlight Recipients

  • Katie Johnson, “Perceived Stress Level, Gastrointestinal Symptoms, and Dietary Intake Among College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic;”
  • Anne Marie Griebie, “The Influence of Personality on Presidential Leadership Style (with a case study of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States);
  • Grace Baker, Milo Ambord and Eryn Hauch, “The Predictive Relationship Between Training Impulse, Sleep Quality, and Sleep Quantity;”
  • D'Havian Scott, Grace Savard and Mackenzie Carlson, “Complexities of Caregiving: Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on Workplace Environment, Home Life and Isolation During COVID-19;”
  • Carly Mastrian, “The Influence of Gender on the Experience of Induced Emotions;”
  • Betsy Berens, “Accuracy of Nutrient Intake Values from Four Popular Nutrition Tracking Apps;”
  • Allison Schabacker, “Perceived Stress, Energy and Mood State During High and Low Stress Academic Weeks in Division III Female Athletes;”
  • Emma Murphy, “The interaction of Emotions and Reading Speed: Implications for Text Comprehension and Metacognition; “
  • Senior accounting students Jacob Thorsten, Maria Van Hove, Derica Ferguson, Hailey Sabin, Eric Kieser,  Abbey Estep and Emma Gorman,  “COVID, Working From Home and Career Issues Related to the Accounting Profession.”