Shannon Skelly

Why would one choose to be a theology major or minor here at CSB/SJU?

A theology major and/or minor at CSB/SJU is unique because we have resources and opportunities that theology majors/minors at other schools do not have; the School of Theology and both monastic communities. This major is also unique because it fosters emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth. I do not leave my theology classes wondering whether I will ever use what I have just learned - it is always applicable and relevant to my life. We have a wonderful, tight-knit community of majors, minors, and faculty that you will not find in a department with more student majors.

What impact has your theology major or minor had on you as a person?

My thology major has really challenged me to grow in my understanding of myself and the world. I grew up as a Presbyterian, and while I have explored many denominations, I have never been so fully immersed in Catholicism. I value the daily opportunities for ecumenical dialogue because I have always been passionate about interfaith communication. My major has both challenged and affirmed many of my long-held beliefs and promoted so much growth!

What do you love about being a theology major or minor?

I absolutely adore the faculty with whom I have the opportunity to work in my major! They are inspiring, compassionate, and always bring new opportunities to my attention. I have really enjoyed getting to know my professors, and it is something which I find very unique to our major.