Patrick Martin

Why would one choose to be a theology major or minor here at CSB/SJU? 

At CSB/SJU, there are so many great people who want to see students succeed including the faculty, monastic community, and one's peers.  As a theology minor, I have made many close friends with classmates and professors as well as some of the monks who live at Saint John's and Saint Ben's.  It is an enriching education which has helped critical thinking skills involving religions and faith in general, but more importantly, my personal faith formation has increased tremendously while studying theology.  It is a fulfilling field to study because of the connections one can make within the department and build the character of oneself in the process.

What impact has your theology major or minor had on you as a person? 

As a theology minor, I would say that the impact on me as a person relates to how I develop a healthy lifestyle and relationships with those around me.  In high school, I had a rather poor, nonchalant approach to my faith.  Even though I attended a Catholic high school, and I knew what the doctrines were, there was no life or excitement to what that meant for me.  Since then though, I have grown tremendously in being able to think about understanding theological questions, and how they apply to events that are greater than just me.

What do you love about being a theology major or minor?

One thing I love about being a theology minor is the amount of fun we have inside and outside the classroom.  We can always seem to manage having a good time tackling challenging topics.  We also can debate tough topics, understand where the other person is coming from, and still disagree.  This is an important skill to maintain beyond the classroom, and it is healthy to learn how to do this with whomever one might meet.