Jennifer Line

Jenny was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa (the nation's oldest academic honor society) in 2014. She pursued a concentration in pastoral ministry, and after graduation she had plans to participate in ECHO at the University of Notre Dame. ECHO is a dynamic, two-year service-learning program that prepares tomorrow's leaders in faith formation.

Why did you choose Theology as a major or minor at CSB/SJU?

I didn't choose Theology, Theology choose me.  For my first year of college, I attended a public university in my home town.  It was my first experience in a public setting.  I terribly missed being able to talk to anyone about my faith; teacher or student.  In the public setting, faith was thrown out the window.  Also at that time, I did not know what I was supposed to do with my life.  So I prayed a lot and went to adoration frequently.  Then, one time during adoration, I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me and ask me, "what has made you feel the most fulfilled in life?"  Immediately I answered my faith.  The mission trips that I went on, my relationship with God, talking about my faith with others, serving others, etc.  Reflecting on my answers, I began to think that God wanted me to work for the Church.  Ever since, I knew that Theology was the right choice for me.  God created me to be a minister for the Church. 

A major in Theology with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry will help me live out my life as a faithful disciple of Jesus.  I can see no other way of doing this.  My best chance at reaching salvation with Jesus is by serving His Church and His people.  This major will allow me to be myself and to help others along their journey towards salvation.  It is an honor yet nerve-racking call.  God chose us to serve His people; what an honor!  Yet, His Word and teachings are in our hands; wow, He must have a lot of trust in us!  All in all, I know I will face numerous challenges with this major, but I know that I will find the most happiness and fulfillment I can by doing this work.  I am so excited to see what God has in store for me!