Scenic Studio

Student in Scene Shop

The Theater Department builds all scenery and props in a modern scenic studio which is located directly across the hall from the Gorecki Theater. The scenic studio is equipped with all the latest stationary and portable tools needed for modern scenic carpentry.

The stationary tools are Delta with the exception of a DeWalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw. The Scenic Studio is also equipped with all the latest pneumatic tools used in scenic carpentry. This, along with a number of battery powered tools keeps the students up to date with the types of tools being used in professional scenic studios across the country.

Beyond wood and muslin

Now, scenery is not only built with wood and muslin. These days, we’re using plastics, foam, neoprene, and especially steel in the same ways you would find it being used in the professional world. CSB/SJU Theater Department is very well equipped to meet the needs of students who want to venture into the world of metal working. The Scenic Studio has three MIG (wire feed) welders, an oxygen/acetylene rig and all necessary saws, grinders and drills that make manipulating steel as easy as manipulating wood.

The Scenic Studio also has a counter-weighted paint frame to make painting drops and flats much easier. The dust collection system and the mist/fume exhaust system makes the CSB/SJU Scenic Studio a wonderful and safe place to learn the art of scenic carpentry, prop building and scenic painting.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Amelia Cheever
Chair, Theater Department