Dano Colón

Name: Dano Colón
Majors: Theater and Philosophy
Year: Junior
Hometown: Kingwood, Texas

What made you decide to major in theater?

The CSB/SJU theater department does a staggering amount of very fresh, exciting, and new work. I've always been very impressed with the incredible diversity and resourcefulness of the department as a whole, as well as with the high level of quality of the work that I have seen come from it in all respects. I was originally a philosophy major who was doing theater just for fun, but it wasn't long before I realized that we have a very high quality program here and I absolutely had to be a part of it.

What area of theater do you focus on?

I feel the most comfortable with acting, because in terms of technical ability, I'm generally useless to the world. I couldn't build a hole in a wall with a sledgehammer, let alone program light cues or operate a sound board. But I'm working on these shortcomings, and with the help of the department's skilled and savvy professors, I'm learning more than I ever imagined I could learn about technical theater – and I haven't even taken a class yet!

What do you like best about the theater program at CSB/SJU?

We have a fantastically diverse, yet shockingly close-knit group of people here. We all really balance each other out, and everybody is basically family.

Colon in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
In fall 2005, Colón performed in "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

What is the biggest struggle you've encountered in the program?

The academic side of the theater department is extremely challenging. People think that theater is something that doesn't entail a lot of actual schoolwork, but the classes are actually quite challenging. The academic approach to theater at this school is very impressive and well-organized.

What kind of relationship do you have with your professors?

Because we spend so much time with the theater professors, they, just like all of the students, are practically members of our family. Not parents, as one would expect; they're most akin to the eldest brothers and sisters of the family. They're friendly and accessible to us, but they also have it in them to really push us to grow as professionals and as people. They have a good sense of when to challenge us and with what, and when to give us a helping hand.

How is the interaction between students in your program?

We're a family. I've grown closer to some of these people in the past two years than a lot of my lifetime friends back home. We basically live together, and the BAC (the building that houses the theater department) is basically our home. We have fun together, and sometimes we butt heads or disagree about how things should get done, but at the end of the day we're over it, and we're all closer and know more about each other for it.

Colon in "The Caucasian Chalk Circle"
Colón played Lavrenti, as well as Shauva and various parts in the ensemble, in "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" in spring 2007.

Is there an experience that you have had at CSB/SJU that really stands out in your mind as outstanding?

In my freshman year, I was lucky enough to get to work with a group of very talented and personable seniors for the whole semester as part of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream." They taught me so much, and they were such awesome people that I basically decided, based on my experience with that one play (my first at the school), that this was where I belonged.

What are your plans after graduating from CSB/SJU?

I plan on pursuing acting professionally.