Mission and Learning Goals

As a group of dynamic artists and educators, the Theater Department ignites creative, theatrical experiences for all participants (students, audiences and artists).

  • The department is committed to scholarly and artistic creativity, to the integration of theory and experience, to the dynamics of theatrical process and to positive human values.
  • The department is dedicated to educating students by helping them understand that theater is a formalization of human experience. It functions as a means to:
    1. Explore what it means to be human
    2. Discover and illuminate diverse constructions of reality
    3. Celebrate our spirit
  • Through course work and productions students develop appreciation for the many artistic contributions necessary to making theater. They learn skills, such as collaboration, time-management, team-building, leadership, self-discipline, communication, critical analysis, innovative thinking and creativity, which prepare them for multiple career opportunities in law, education, management, business, social services as well as the arts.