Spring 2019 Course List

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Intro Costuming FAll 2019 Final Project Dance Class

Spring 2019 Class Schedule (NOTE:  subject to change until start of registration)

THEA 105 Introduction to Modern Dance (4)        CRN 16164  Fine Arts
David DeBlieck MWF 1:00-3:05 BAC D150
This class is an exploration of movement fundamentals for developing and strengthening individual creativity and artistic expression in dance. Class work is designed to: 1) Give individuals a basic understanding of anatomical structure and kinesiological principles as a foundation for developing technical skills needed to create articulate and expressive movement; 2) Provide an embodied experience of time and energy principles as related to dance; 3) demystify dance as an art form and make it accessible and relevant to all.

THEA 117 Acting Foundations (4) CRN 17690 Fine Arts
Introduction to acting. Designed to develop the actor's imagination, observation and concentration through sense awareness, relaxation, pantomime and theater games. Techniques will be introduced with the purpose of bringing the actor's body, voice and mind together onstage to fully communicate choices through strong psychological and physical action. Also an introduction to building the foundation of a good voice. Training in breathing, physical structure and relaxation.

THEA 200 Theater Audience (4) CRN 16702  Fine Arts and complete 4 performing FAE events all in one class!
Sean Dooley MWF 3:20-4:15 A106
Fee $150.  Requires attendance at evening performances
Non-repeatable - may not also earn credit for THEA 204
A presentation of theater from the audience's rather than the performer's perspective. Designed to acquaint non-theater students with live theater as a meaningful and enjoyable event. Approached from the student's present exposure level. Lecture, group discussions and field trips to live performances required. Students may not receive credit for both THEA 200 and THEA 204.

THEA 210 Dance Studies: Technique, Improvisation, Choreography and Performance (2) David DeBlieck TR 1:05-2:25 D150
CRN 12411   Fine Arts
This course will offer students the opportunity to develop technical skills to improve flexibility, coordination, and strength and to use those skills to increase their range of abilities in creating and performing dance. Modern dance techniques will serve as the foundation for students to build a movement vocabulary, and students will be expected to develop their own movement material in improvisation and composition exercises. Choreographic elements, form, and styles will be explored to guide students in the creative process and performance will be an on-going focus within the class. The goal is for the students to be able to clarify and fulfill all movement, so they can physically express their ideas and emotions in movement which is authentic and meaningful, i.e., dance. Prerequisite: THEA 105, or THEA 140, or permission of Instructor. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.

THEA 211 Playwriting (4) CRN 17687  Fine Arts
Kaarin Johnston MWF 1:00-1:55 A108
The theory and practice of writing plays for theater performance. Writing exercises and reading assignments will culminate in the writing of an original one-act play. Prerequisite: Successful completion of First-year Seminar.

THEA 215 Sophomore Seminar (2)                            CRN 14868  Fine Arts
Amelia Cheever MW 3:20-4:15 A104
Must register for THEA XXXA (Lab A) Fee of $120 May also be required to purchase additional tickets
This course is a practical seminar for those intending to major in theater. Content includes the integration of various aspects of theatrical production, an introduction to theater as a profession, portfolio and résumé development, and assistance in application to the major. Spring of sophomore year. Offered for A-F grading only.

THEA 218 Readings in Culture and Dramatic Literature (1)              CRN 17259  Fine Arts
Kaarin S. Johnston T 2:40-3:30 A107
Topic:  Holocaust Drama) In this course students will read and discuss classic, modern or contemporary plays from a specific culture or genre. The class may perform a minimum of one public reading. The topics will vary from semester to semester. May be repeated up to six times for credit. Course offered for A-F grading only.

THEA 238 Lighting and Sound Design (4)                CRN 16380  Experiential Learning
Mark Hennigs MWF 11:50-12:45 D-032
Must also register for THEA XXXA lab. Fee of $120
An introductory course in stage lighting and sound design. Emphasis is on developing basic skills and a solid understanding of lighting and sound equipment used in theater production. Basic skills will then be applied to create lighting and sound design projects. Attendance at productions may be required. Prerequisite: THEA 113.

THEA 267 Alternative Fashion Trends of the late 20th century (2)               CRN 17522  Fine Arts
Amelia Cheever TR 9:55-11:15 A104/A66
Alternative Fashion Trends of the late 20th century: How politics and music helped shape the alternative fashions of the last century. This class will examine how the hippy and psychedelic fashions of the 1960's, punk fashions of the 1970's/1980's, grunge/Goth fashions of the 1980's/1990's and rap/hip-hop fashions of the 1990's were influenced by the music and politics of their time. The course will also relate these fashions to the mainstream clothing of the period they originated in and how these fashion trends continue today in fashions of the 21st century. Course offered for A-F grading only.

THEA 310 Dance Studies: Technique, Improv, Choreography, Performance (2) CRN 12427
David DeBlieck TR 1:05-2:25 D150
Continuation of THEA 210 Dance Studies for more advanced students, taught concurrently with THEA 210. Prerequisite: THEA 210 or permission of instructor. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.

THEA 338 Theater Through Time II (4)     CRN 17525
Kaarin S. Johnston MWF 9:30-10:25 A107
Must register for THEA XXX A (Lab A) Fee $120 May be required to purchase additional tickets
A continuation of 337 from late 18th century to the 21st century. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior status. Alternate years. Spring

THEA 353 Materials & Techniques (4) CRN 17675
Advanced work in scenic materials which are useful to the theater practitioner. The course explores construction techniques using materials such as plastics, fiber glass, foams, metals, fabric and paint. Prerequisites: THEA 113
Fee: $50 for materials and supplies.

THEA 366D Improvisation (FA) (4)             CRN 17526  Fine Arts and Experiential Learning
Kaarin S. Johnston TR 1:05-2:25 BAC A52 Studio Theater
In the twentieth century British theater practitioners began to use improvisation to develop specific human skills and from that point on improvisation began to be adapted to serve a myriad of functions. Today the form is used to train applicants for job interviews, to "try out" possible solutions to difficult interpersonal situations, to develop scripts for production, to create interactive theater pieces for social action and, to create the performance art of improvisation as live theater.  This course is experientially based, although it will briefly cover the history, theory, creation and uses of improvisation. Students will learn basic methods of improvising conversations, scenes, comic sketches and interactive pieces geared towards solving interpersonal miscommunication. There will be a midterm and a final public sharing of pieces created through improvisation.

THEA 380 Theater Capstone (2) CRN 16049
Kaarin S. Johnston MW 3:20-4:15 A107
Must register for THEA XXX A (Lab A) Fee $120 May be required to purchase additional tickets
A synthesis of all aspects of theater, including dramaturgy (theory, literature, and history), design, directing, technical production, stage management, acting (includes voice work), and movement. Students will create a production concept and all paperwork usually required before a play moves from the world of ideas into the realized production phase. Attendance at specified theater productions is required. Required for theater majors. Prerequisites: THEA 113, THEA 117, THEA 215, THEA 253, and THEA 327, or permission of department chair. Course offered for A-F grading only.