Fall 2018 Course List

Attending performances?  Please register for one of the labs to cover the cost of transportation and tickets.  Below you will find a list of performances we are attending this fall. 

Fall 2018 trips:

September 27 Penumbra Theater For Colored Girls Bus departs Escher side of BAC at 5:30 pm for 7:30 pm performance

October 4 Mixed Blood Is God Is Bus departs Escher side of BAC at 5:30 pm for 7:30 pm performance

November 29 Guthrie Theater Noises Off Bus departs Escher side of BAC at 5:30 pm for 7:30 pm performance


    THEA 240 – Labs for those involved in theater productions.  Registration after roles are identified.
    THEA 340 Technical Problems - Advanced level roles
    THEA XXXA Theater Lab A – fee of $120 for attendance at 4 off campus events for 4 credit courses
    THEA XXXB Theater Lab B – fee of $60 for attendance at 2 off campus events for 2 credit AB mod courses
    THEA XXXC Theater Lab C – fee of $60 for attendance at 2 off campus events for 2 credit CD mod courses   

THEA 105 Intro to Modern Dance (4) David DeBlieck:  MWF 1:00-3:05 BAC D150
This class is an exploration of movement fundamentals for the purpose of developing and strengthening individual creativity and artistic expression in dance. Class work is designed to: 1) Give individuals a basic understanding of anatomical structure and kinesiological principles as a foundation for developing technical skills needed to create articulate and expressive movement; 2) Provide an embodied experience of time and energy principles as related to dance; 3) demystify dance as an art form and make it accessible and relevant to all.

THEA 113 Stagecraft (4) Mark Hennigs: TR 9:55-11:15 BAC A106
Beginning theory and practice of scenography. Study of materials and techniques used in stage scenery. Also an introduction to the theories and equipment used in theater lighting and sound. Lab required. Fall.

THEA 117 Acting Foundations (4)  Sean Dooley TR 9:55-12:50 BAC A52
Introduction to acting. Designed to develop the actor's imagination, observation and concentration through sense awareness, relaxation, pantomime and theater games. Techniques will be introduced with the purpose of bringing the actor's body, voice and mind together onstage to fully communicate choices through strong psychological and physical action. Also an introduction to building the foundation of a good voice. Training in breathing, physical structure and relaxation. NOTE:  Must register for THEA XXXA (Lab A).  May also be required to purchase additional tickets

THEA 140 Fundamentals of Movement (2) David DeBlieck TR 1:05-2:25 BAC D150
This course is an introduction to movement fundamentals and is designed for actors, athletes, musicians, visual artists, and anyone desiring to improve fine motor skills, flexibility, coordination, posture, or body image. The goal is for students to develop somatic awareness so that they can recognize their own habitual movement patterns and learn to explore new movement options, with an emphasis on decreasing effort and increasing sensitivity. The course uses the Feldenkrais Method and modern dance techniques to enhance students' understanding of basic anatomical and kinesiological principles, expand their range and quality of movement, and improve individual performance skills. And the course offers an experience of movement as a creative form without the perceived stereotypical definitions and limitations of dance.  NOTE:  Must purchase dance perform ticket

THEA 200 Theater Audience (4) Sean Dooley MWF 3:20-4:15 BAC A109
A presentation of theater from the audience's rather than the performer's perspective. Designed to acquaint non theater students with live theater as a meaningful and enjoyable event. Approached from the student's present exposure level. Lecture, group discussions and field trips to live performances required. Students may not receive credit for both THEA 200 and THEA 204.   NOTE:  Fee $150. Requires attendance at evening performances.  Non repeatable

THEA 209 Theatrical Dance Styles and Physical Theater (2) David DeBlieck MWF 3:20-4:15 D150
This course builds on the basic physical preparation for the actor and explores different dance forms and styles which are commonly used in theatrical productions. A variety of dance techniques and somatic methodologies will be studied, including ballet, ballroom, jazz, yoga, martial arts, and the Feldenkrais Method.  Prerequisite: THEA 117 or THEA 140 or permission of instructor.

THEA 218 Readings in Culture and Dramatic Literature (1) Kaarin Johnston M 3:20-4:15 BAC A106
In this course students will read and discuss classic, modern or contemporary plays from a specific culture or genre. The class may perform a minimum of one public reading. The topics will vary from semester to semester. May be repeated up to six times for credit. Course offered for A-F grading only.


THEA 240 – these are labs for those involved in theater productions.  Registration done after roles are identified.

THEA 253 Introduction to the Costuming Process (4) Amelia Cheever MWF 10:40-12:45
A basic comprehensive study of the process a stage costumer employs from character analysis to costume execution. Practical application and production-work are emphasized through laboratory experience. Prerequisite to all costume classes.  NOTE:  $60 Fee

THEA 260 Theater and Youth (2) Kaarin Johnston AB TR 2:40-4:00 BAC A106
This participatory course focuses on using the art form of theater both as a teaching tool and as a performance art. Creative drama, Theater in Education (TiE) and active theater are practiced as a form of pedagogy. The course will also include basic instruction in creating theatrical performances with child actors. Various forms of theater such as puppetry, pantomime, and improvisation will also be addressed. Prerequisites for elementary education majors: EDUC 107 and EDUC 200.  NOTE:  Fee $6

THEA 327 Drama Form (4) Kaaarin Johnston MWF 9:30-10:25 BAC A107
Analysis, through representative dramatic texts and theories, of the development of literary and theatrical elements in the major dramatic forms and modes from the Greeks to the late 19th century. Open to sophomores. Fall.  NOTE:  Must register for Lab A. Students may also be required to purchase additional tickets for on-campus performances

THEA 340 Technical Problems

THEA 366D Improvisation (4) Kaarin Johnston TR 1:05-2:25
The art of improvisation has its origins in the early mists of time; according to Aristotle, the art of comedy originated in improvisation. The most famous theater form of the renaissance, Commedia dell'Arte was a highly evolved form of improvisation complete with stereotyped characters and stock comic bits. In the twentieth century British theater practitioners began to use improvisation to develop specific human skills and from that point on improvisation began to be adapted to serve a myriad of functions. Today the form is used to train applicants for job interviews, to "try out" possible solutions to difficult interpersonal situations, to develop scripts for production, to create interactive theater pieces for social action and, to create the performance art of improvisation as live theater. This course is experientially based, although it will briefly cover the history, theory, creation and uses of improvisation. Students will learn basic methods of improvising conversations, scenes, comic sketches and interactive pieces geared towards solving interpersonal miscommunication. There will be a midterm and a final public sharing of pieces created through improvisation. In order to become more familiar with the relationship between performer and audience, students are required to attend live theater productions as part of this course; a fee is required to cover the cost of the tickets and the transportation to the Twin Cities. A-F grading only.

THEA XXXA Theater Lab A – a fee of $120 for attendance at 4 off campus events for 4 credit courses

THEA XXXB Theater Lab B – a fee of $60 for attendance at 2 off campus events for 2 credit AB mod courses

THEA XXXC Theater Lab C – a fee of $60 for attendance at 2 off campus events for 2 credit CD mod courses