Talking With...

Written by Jane Martin | Directed by Kaarin S. Johnston

This play is comprised of a series of monologues by women with each monologue running about ten minutes.  The characters range from a fundamental Christian who handles snakes (the snake is in a box and we don’t see it) to an angry woman in labor, to a housewife who dresses up as a character from OZ while she cleans house.  Each character is unique and wonderful!

Talking With... is an ARTE Approved Event. Click here to download the ARTE Paper Topics. 

Tickets and Streaming

Learn more about the playwright, Jane Martin HERE!


  • Talking With... provides excellent acting opportunities for CSB students who love to act.
  • With attending class 4 hours a day, it will be feasible for actors to have the time to learn a ten-minute speech; we can avoid long, complicated rehearsals and still end up with a beautiful piece of live theater.
  • We are working to keep actors and audiences safe from the spread of Covid.  Only one woman at a time is onstage telling her story.
  • Due to the way the play is structured it will be easy to schedule individual rehearsals right up until the final run-throughs and technical rehearsals.
  • Because each character is so different from the others, Talking With... provides exciting opportunities for our costume designer, shop supervisor and all the students who work in the costume shop.