Download the program for Frankenstein: A Radio Play HERE! 

Frankenstein: A Radio Play

Adapted from Mary Shelley’s novel by Philip Grecian

Frankenstein: a live radio play stays true to Mary Shelley’s gothic classic, but the twist lies with the style of the telling. Set in the sound studio of a local radio station in the 1940s, Philip Grecian’s adaptation comes to life. Music, old fashioned live sound effects and 8 voice actors retell the famous tale, which delves into human psyche, hubris and over-vaulting ambition. Many consider the novel by Shelley to be the first work in the genre of science fiction as she questions man’s role as a caretaker of nature and cautious for a need to make thoughtful decisions regarding scientific progress.

  - Excerpted from BWW review: Frankenstein: A live Radio play at screen plays by Dan and Julie Izzo