Peer Leaders

arrowsThe Hive is being implemented as part of and in support of the Academic Student Success Network at CSB and SJU. The Student Success Network is here to empower students to reach their academic, personal, and career potential through learning, reflection, and connection. The Hive connects students, faculty, staff and services on campus to each other and creates a channel for communication across these areas in support of the student.

As we prepare to launch The Hive at CSB and SJU we hope to connect with student leaders across campus to share information with you about how The Hive works, what it does and to ask you to help us spread the word about this valuable new resource to your fellow students. We will be reaching out to both the CSB and SJU student senates as well as the Residential Life & Housing Staffs on both campuses, to connect to promote The Hive and answer any questions as we roll out The Hive. If you are a leader in another student group that would like to learn more about The Hive and how it is being implemented at CSB and SJU please reach out to our office to see what may be possible. 

We will be using email, postings, in person promotions (tabling) and social media to promote the roll out of The Hive.  There are instructional handouts created with the student experience in mind as well as several video tutorials to give you a quick and easy understanding of how to use the Hive and what it can do to support your experience as a student located on the Student page of this site. Also be sure to visit the About The Hive page and the FAQ for more on how The Hive works and will be used by faculty and staff to support student success. 

Primary first goals for Students when system goes live in January 2020:

  • Logging In
  • Understanding navigation
  • What is their network of support
  • What to do – how to respond to flags/referrals, what are High Fives?
  • Using the Raise Their Hand feature to seek assistance
  • Scheduling with faculty/staff and services
  • How is the information is collected and used

Future goals including using The Hive to on- board new students and developing success plans to help students navigate challenges, systems and processes on campus with success.