Advisors & Staff

arrowsThe Hive connects students, faculty, staff and services on campus to each other and creates a channel for communication across these areas in support of the student.  The Hive is being implemented as part of and in support of the Academic Center for Excellence and Success at CSB and SJU. ACES is here to empower students to reach their academic, personal, and career potential through learning, reflection, and connection. CSB/SJU staff members are important members of the students connected network for success as they navigate their way from their first year at CSB/SJU to graduation. 

Staff at CSB/SJU are able to support students via the Hive in the following ways: 

  • Notify others such as Academic Advising, Residential Life & Housing, tutoring resources and more of student who would benefit from connection with resources via referrals or raising an alert
  • Utilize online scheduling tool to be accessible and available to students seeking support or resources 
  • Prepare for and document student meetings
  • View and resolve Flags, High Fives and Referrals raised by faculty or other staff as designated by role and work-flow in system

Written Guides and Directions 

The HIVE - Staff Users Guide - comprehensive PDF with links to corresponding written guides & video demonstrations . This will be a good place to get started and pairs written guides with related videos to walk you through the basics. Below are additional resources broken out by area so that you can find what you need as you dig deeper into your use of The HIVE in support of students.

Getting Started - How To's: 

Setting Up Office Hours and Documenting Appointments: 

Flags, Referrals, High Fives and To Do's - Using Alerts in The HIVE:

Using The HIVE as a tool for communication:

Video Resources

Video Tutorials for The HIVE  

Two Minute Tips - short videos 30 seconds to two minutes in length 

Summer 2020 Training Sessions -Recordings

Find and sign up for training sessions at the Instructional Technology Training Site

Service Catalog

We will also be reaching out to set up many departments that have direct student contact in support roles to set up a "Service" or profile for your department in The Hive.  This will allow students to search for and see the departments information in their success network.  Details such as your location, office hours, phone number, staff members and in some cases the ability for the student to schedule with your office or members of your team will be part of your service profile.  We have developed a few documents to assist us in creating your service profile and to review if  additional appointment types or speed notes  need to be put in place which may be beneficial to your team.

Still have questions?

Check the Frequently Asked Questions for The Hive