Social (non-academic) Flags

Social flags document and communicate concerns for students regarding student wellness, behavior and social concerns that have risen to a level where a check in from member of the Student Development team (or the Students Support Network) would be of benefit. Some examples of why a social flag may be raised include but are not limited to homesickness/trouble connecting, emotional distress, roommate concerns that the student does not seem to be navigating on their own, chronic lateness to student employment. There are two social flags to choose from, choose the alert that best fits your concerns.

Social Flag Workflow Diagram

To review the workflow, message templates and specifics for a particular soical flag please use one of the links below to open a PDF document specific to each alert

General Non-Academic Concern

Sensitive Discreet Student Concern 

Referrals to Student Development are also available. Please visit the referrral page for more information. 

Wondering how the Never Arrived or Checked into Residence Hall Alert works? Review the workflow here