Request Help (Student Raised Flags)

Students can "raise their hand" to get connected to assistance and support services.  A general message to the student confirming receipt of “Raise Your Hand” flag will be sent after they submit an item/request help.  The message the student sends will be directed to the right offices based on the item they select.  Outreach will be done by appropriate corresponding offices regarding the students concerns.  Staff in service areas should clear the flag as they are able to connect with and assist the student.

Alert Raise your hand

Message Template: Raise Your Hand Confirmation Message to Student (Recommended)

Subject: ‌Help is on the way!‌

[Recipient First Name],

We have received the following request from you.

Category: [Flag Name]  
Raised On: [Raised Date] 
Your Comments: [Raise Notes] 

We are working to connect you to right resources.  Someone will contact you soon using the information you provided in your message and/or the contact information we have on file in The Hive.

  • Student Success Team‌

This message was sent via The Hive, a digital platform in support of student success, powered by Starfish from EAB. Click hereto learn more.

Examples of Current Request Help Flags: 

  • Item Name: I have questions about my schedule.
  • Item Name:  I need help in a course.
  • Item Name: I need help with an issue outside the classroom.
  • Item Name: I need help with online learning or technology.
  • Item Name: I need help navigating my student account.
  • Item Name: I have a question about Student Employment.
  • Item Name:  I need help with my student loans.
  • Item Name: I need help with my Financial Aid.