Use referrals to encourage students connect with resources for their success such as Academic Adivsing, the Libraries, the Experience Hub, the Writing or Math Center.  Help students seek support for challenges outside their academic life by raising a referral to Residential Life or the Dean of Students.  See below for full list of referrals available. Referral messages are sent via email to the student and include your comments in theier message.  Write your comments as a message to the student.   The service/department they are being referred to see will also get a copy of the referral.  When service areas recieve a referral message, they will typcially send a message to the student with additional information about how they support students and the best way to connect with that office.  Staff in the servcie area the referral is sent to should clear the flag as students complete the referral process. Any referrals open at the end  of a term will be auto-cleared in the clean up process.

Diagram of Referral Workflow

Available Referrals:

  • Academic Advising Referral
  • Center for Global Education Referral
  • CSB Dean of Students Referral
  • Experience and Professional Development Center (XPD) Referral
  • Financial Aid Referral
  • Librarian Referral - Research Assistance
  • Registrar's Office Referral
  • Residential Life Office Referral
  • SJU Dean of Students Referral
  • Student Accessibility Services Referral
  • Writing Center Referral

Please review the blue permissions box in the HIVE when you create a referral to see who has permissions to view the alert, each referral has unique permissions.  Often, Academic Advisors, Primary Faculty Advisor, Student Support team and Registration Committee are able to view and add comments.

General Referral Message Template:
[Student Name] - You are receiving this message because [Referral Creator] has created a referral for you to  [Academic Advising]

 [Referral Name] 
 [Student Full Name] [Student Id] 
 [Course Name] 
 [Creator Name]

 [Raiser Notes] example:  Ex: Hi Sarah Jane,  After our conversation about X, I would like to refer you to [Academic Adivsing] for more help on this issue.  - Prof. Smith

Click here to connect with  Academic Advising.

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