Alert Permissions Defined

View permissions - means you can see the initial alert and comments when the alert is raised. You cannot view nor add additional comments if you only have view permission. New flags will display in your "Recent Changes" feed on "Home" in The HIVE.

Manage permissions-  give the user additional access to read as well as to add ongoing comments in the alert process.  Anyone with Mange permissions may also be Assigned as the point person for following up with the student.  New flags will display in your "Recent Changes" feed on "Home" in  The HIVE and in the "Flags I'm Managing" feed on your "Home" in The HIVE.

Permissions Box - When raising an alert in The HIVE, check the blue Permissions box at the bottom of the alert to see what other roles on campus have access to that alert. 

Assigned for Follow up - At times a specific staff member may be assigned to follow up on an alert. Anyone with Manage permissions can be Assigned as the point person for follow up with a student. Those with the Assign permissions can create an assignment.

Review your email notifications tab in your institutional profile for The Hive. If you see any alerts listed under “Flag Notifications” these are items where you will see a notification regarding alerts in your message digest from The Hive.

  • The timing of the digest email is based on user preferences which you can adjust on the email notifications tab.
  • Where indicated, alerts that are marked as “emergent” will result in a notice being sent immediately to your outlook email.