Additional Tools in The HIVE


Another tool available to use in The Hive are Notes.  By default Notes do not send any communications out, rather they simply create a note in the students electronic file that can be viewed when/if someone with permissions to view that note type opens the students file for review.  

  • Use notes to record comments or matters of information in a student’s file that you want to be accessible by you and others – review the blue "permissions" box as you create the note. If the note is only for your use, mark the item as private and it is no longer shared on the students file.
  • You may use notes to record communication with a student.  When creating the note, check the box to "send a copy of the note to student". Your message will be sent via email to the student. A copy will be available for your review on the Notes Tab in the student's file.  Any message sent is comprised of the note comments.  No additional message/template is connected to notes.
  • Notes can be useful for items you want to document a concern, but the matter being addressed does not yet rise to a level that you need to raise an alert.
  • Your connection to a student will dictate which notes are available for your use.

Examples of note types include the following:  Attendance Note, Faculty Advising Note, Course Related Shared Note, and General Note.


When you send a “message” via the Send Message button to a student or group of students this is simply a message sent via the Hive (and copied to their outlook email).  Messages are not shared.  No other faculty/staff can see messages they did not send on a student's record. Look at the notes tab for a record of messages you have sent to a student.

Students Support Network 

If you are observe that a student is struggling you are not ready to raise a specific Alert (flag/referral/high five) use the support network in The Hive to connect with instructors, faculty advisors, and other staff who have a connected relationship to the student. As a faculty or staff member there are times you simply to connect with other faculty and staff in support of a student either to share brief details to contextualize why a student may be struggling, or to check in with faculty/staff to gauge if others are having similar concerns for a student. Use the “Network” tab to view contact information for those who are connected to a student. You can reach out to individuals or the group as a whole. Messages are viewable by the person who sent the message and the recipient. 

  • In The Hive, search for the name of the student you are looking for, open the student record then proceed to “Network”
  • Select the check boxes in front of those you wish to contact or click on select all to contact all members of a student’s support network. Once you have made your selection, click on "Email Selected"
  • An email will be sent via Outlook Email to the recipients and a copy of the email will be viewable by the sender and the recipients in the support network on the students record on the Notes tab. Messages are not viewable on the student record by other faculty/staff who were not included on the message.


Please remember, all information in The HIVE is protected by and subject to FERPA see here for more details.